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Do you know why frosted glass is becoming more and more popular?

The glass is very common Home Furnishing decoration materials factory, glass with different patterns of glass glass making technology is also more and more into the market, into people's Home Furnishing, often heard people say that what is the frosted glass, frosted glass, frosted glass decoration effect how?

Frosted glass properties
The frosted glass surface is not smooth, the light is reflected back to shoot out from all sides by frosted glass (frosted glass surface is not smooth because of the light plane, diffuse reflection, refraction) onto the retina is not complete as, so cannot see the glass behind the East West. When the frosted glass was put on the surface of transparent tape, frosted glass becomes smooth, light can be reflected, therefore, in the retina and showing a complete image, so the eyes can see objects. In addition, wipe the frosted glass with a damp cloth.
The benefits of frosted glass
1, create atmosphere: frosted glass because the surface roughness of the transparent and not only the perspective, this can make indoor soft light without glare, can be used to create a soft atmosphere of the place in need, such as restaurants etc..
2, the protection of privacy: because the frosted glass is not transparent, so people outside are not observed indoors, can be used to conceal the bathrooms and other parts of the window glass, the protection of privacy can be better, but also can be used for glass roof.


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