Bakelite cap

  • Bakelite cap 18-400
Bakelite cap 18-400

Bakelite cap 18-400

  • size:18-400
  • color:black
  • Purpose: seal bottle
  • Product description: Bakelite cover is also called as phenolic cap, which is used to seal the glass bottles and plastic bottles, and to withstand high temperature disinfection.

Bakelite cap 18-400
Purpose: seal bottle

Our strengths:
  • Own factory
  • Any size glass bottle can be customized
  • Over 20 years of production experience in this field
  • There are over 3000 types of products
  • Process glass bottle montmorillon, screen printing, heat transfer, spray color
  • There are over 1000 kinds of bottle caps
  • Competitive price advantage and high quality guarantee


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